Unlike other Muslim countries Turkey not repressed homosexuality and trans-sexuality. However, the social and family stigma that this entails, it is sometimes much more serious. Turkey has a major problem with the issue of honor killings. In much of Anatolia the concept of honor is still very rooted. Transgender people experience strong levels of violence from their communities that is also transferred to their families. It is often such social pressure against the family of a transgender person, which is the family itself that kills one of its members to cleanse the family honor.

Although the trans flee and hide in a big city like Istanbul, Ankara or Izmir, sometimes is chased by a relative, usually a brother or cousin to try to find her and end her life.

It is impossible for a Turkish transgender person to live his condition near his family. They know how to take that option, give up forever to their loved ones, and start a journey of solitude away from them.

The vast majority of trans living by prostitution, which also found high levels of violence. Many of them complain of brutal assaults by clients, that humiliating, beating and even assaulted with knives.

Customers who request their services, but after they received, they think they have the right to claim their money, or just vent their frustrations with someone they consider inferior and weaker.